Why is LEKKER’s unique composer model so strong?

Young woman wearing sunglasses and casual clothes riding bicycle with basket down a hill while smiling

The LEKKER approach to design is probably not what you’d expect. Their aim is to create a quality bike that will last you a lifetime – and in order to do this, they’ve taken a ‘composer model’ outlook to building bikes. In their pursuit of perfection, LEKKER acknowledges that often the very best components are […]

The Amsterdam Range: What’s it all about?

Two people with Amsterdam 8 Speed Bikes

When LEKKER set out to create a range of commuter bikes, their goal was simple. A bike that people actually want to ride. A fuss-free ride devoid of gimmicks and gizmos that nobody actually wants (or knows how) to use. The bikes needed to embrace traditional Dutch design, embracing the spirit of Dutch Omafiets whilst […]

Discover the Amsterdam 8-Speed

Discover the Amsterdam 8 Speed bike Lekker Bikes

A LEKKER bike is made to be ridden. That’s why the LEKKER ethos is all about love at first ride. These bicycles are impossible to resist. The whole range is built on a foundation of classic Dutch design, quality engineering, and longevity. It’s a bike that’s not only a pleasure to ride, but will last […]

A classic Dutch bike for the modern rider

Jordaan Womens 3 Speed bicycle Lekker Bikes

At LEKKER, the motto is ‘love at first ride’ – and with the LEKKER Jordaan collection, you’ll find it impossible to resist falling for these beautiful Dutch-style bicycles. Introducing a modern spin on a Dutch classic, the Jordaan bike is perfectly crafted for the 21st century cyclist.  It’s a classic cruiser bike with something for […]

Discover the Jordaan 3-Speed

Jordaan 3-Speed bike Lekker Bikes

LEKKER have made it their mission to bring you the perfect commuter bike. That’s why there’s a LEKKER Jordaan for everyone – whether you’re looking for something to take you from A to B, or something to whisk you away on a whole new adventure. The LEKKER Jordaan range has been developed by a team […]