Important update regarding COVID-19

Dear LEKKER Community, In light of current events, we are constantly keeping track of the latest news, and we are following advice from Governments and Health Authorities. We will remain operational, and we will do our utmost to deliver and to promote a safe and healthy means of transportation. However, we are doing our very […]

Building Cycling Cities: Going Dutch Around The World!

During November, the city of Sydney held a rather important event – surrounding the planning and implementation of cycle-based and cycle-friendly infrastructure throughout cities. As you may have already experienced yourself, or, from a well-travelled friend, there is one city, in particular, that seems to stand out from the rest – Amsterdam. In the Netherlands […]

Christmas Message From The Lekker Family

Merry Christmas from Lekker Bikes! Firstly, we’d like to begin by wishing you readers a very Merry Christmas! At Lekker, we understand that Christmas is more than just a time for gift giving and receiving (such as bicycles!). Rather more importantly, it’s a time to spend with family and with friends, and originally and still […]

Melbourne Music Week – Our Rundown

Here at Lekker Bikes, we’re not only interested in producing the best range of vintage bikes in town – but we’re also interested in the places and events that our range of commuter bikes can take you to. One such event throughout each November in Melbourne, is Melbourne Music Week – an immersive event that […]

Explore the Sportief Mens 7 Speed

Introduction Here at Lekker, we are passionate about producing the best in cruiser bikes, which is why we are very proud of our Sportief 7 Speed model.  Our Sportief 7 Speed, packs a whole range of features that are sure to help you get from A to B not only efficiently, but in the upmost […]

Sydney in Summer

Here at Lekker, we’re not only into building high quality bikes, we’re also interested in riding them. Whether you’re looking at one of our Commuter Bikes, our Mens or Ladies Cruiser Bikes, or our E-Bikes, we’re always interested to find the bike paths and trails that give you the best riding experience. In this post, […]

A True Highlight, The Lekker Garage Sale

The Lekker Garage Sale has always been a massive hit down under, and has regularly seen hundreds of visitors coming over to check it all out. Twice a year, our Melbourne and Sydney Bike Shops play host to days of festivities – a absolute whirlwind of awesome vibes. It’s always incredibly exciting to organise and […]

Commuting to Work in Melbourne? Check out your City’s Bike Maps.

  Whether you’re commuting to work, university or simply for leisure, we at Lekker understand that at some point in your journey, you might be met with some potential obstacles and confusing situations – hook turns, roundabouts and tram tracks. Whether you’re on a Lekker Commuter Bike, an eBike, or any other ride – road […]

Amsterdam Elite Series: The ideal Commuter Bicycle

Why is it the best Commuter in Melbourne/Sydney? Here at Lekker Bikes, we take pride in all of our products. However, there’s one in particular that we feel stands out from the crowd – Our Commuter Series bikes. Not only do these have the Lekker premium build quality, but they also pack a few outstanding […]