Berlin: Coming Soon

Lekker Bikes Berlin Brand Store entrance

Experience the brand story Founder Meindert Wolfraad made the big move all the way from his home in The Netherlands to Australia and felt that something was missing, the Dutch bike — and so LEKKER Bikes was born. After opening our Brand Store in Amsterdam in 2014 we are finally ready for our very first European expansion […]

LEKKER Bikes Brand Store Sydney

Sydney Brand Store in Alexandria

Experience the brand story We at LEKKER Bikes first reached the shore of Australia with the idea to inspire the country to embrace the Dutch-style through our premium Dutch bikes. After we successfully established ourselves in the city of Melbourne, we wanted to develop our brand and make it more accessible to our other customers […]

LEKKER Bikes Brand Store Melbourne

Lekker Bikes Brand Store in Melbourne

Experience the Brand Story The whole team at LEKKER Bikes couldn’t be prouder to see how our brand has been growing over the past few years. As a Dutchie in Australia, our founder Meindert Wolfraad felt what he was missing most was his Dutch bike. That is why we combined our classic Dutch bicycle design […]

LEKKER Bikes Brand Store Amsterdam

Lekker Bikes Amsterdam store entrance

Your first thought may be, who needs another bike store in Amsterdam – the bicycle capital of the world. Well, it’s becoming increasingly clear – people want more than just a two-wheeled ride. They’re after a bike with a story. And the LEKKER story is one that certainly excites. A young Dutch guy heads abroad to the […]

Benefits of cycling

Cycling with Lekker Bike Amsterdam 8 speed

As a bike brand we promote a healthier lifestyle and environmental awareness with our products and strive to spread the joy of cycling worldwide. Riding a bike comes with a great range of benefits for the mental and physical well-being, the environment and your wallet. We want to share these with our LEKKER community and […]