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Sara Imm is what we call a “non-stop” woman. She created an innovative business around five years ago, and after seeing the banks going crazy without her talent, she came back to the corporate world. She now divides her time across her business, the financial industry, and last but not least, her beautiful children… What a superwoman!

Velo-à-porter, the brand that she started from a blog in 2015, is still running today. “Veloaporter.com is the blog and shopwithveloaporter.com is my online shop”, Sara says. Her authentic creations bring a sense of style to the not-so-loved bike helmets. “I set out to find a way to make a stylish cover to disguise the bicycle helmet, and I also wanted to provide riders with sun and rain cover protection. Most importantly, I wanted to inspire more women to cycle by providing a stylish alternative to wearing a bicycle helmet.”

Sara is not only a winner in both style and practicality, but in being an amazing mom. “A day in the life (prior to Covid-19) is an early start to help get my kids going to school and then myself to the office which is a 10-minute bicycle ride from home.”

Yes — she rides her bike every day, and gets the absolute best out of it! “The bike contributes so much to my life. It represents independence, the ability to stay fit, and to reduce stress in my life. Additionally, it’s a way to reduce my carbon footprint and to have fun en route to anywhere and everywhere.”

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Sara is our biggest ambassador in Sydney. She discovered LEKKER in 2015, after seeing the brand around the city bike shops. Later, she discovered our Surry Hills’ brand store in 2017 and proposed a collaboration with our founder, Meindert over a coffee. Since then, Sara has been representing the brand in the best way. “My experience of having a LEKKER has been so positive. People often comment on it because of its style.”

Velo-a-porter is an example of her contagious passion for riding. Sara knows what she’s doing — and the best thing about it? She does it with style! “It’s also a means to spread the positive message of how the bicycle can contribute to your life. When people at the office hear that I ride to work, they love it. It’s also an opportunity to offer an alternative solution to the car or Sydney’s overstretched public transport system.”

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