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New Release: The 2nd Generation Lekker E-Jordaan Series*

We proudly present the launch of the brand new 2nd Generation Lekker E-Jordaan Series. Lighter, faster and even better prepared for your daily commute. We’ve added the NuVinci seamless gear shift technology and added a full hydraulic disc brake set from Tektro. Furthermore we have added further weight reductions and much more. Expect a better performance, more comfortable riding experience and be in more control with the Tektro Hydraulic disc brakes.

Get around town easy, comfortable and in utmost style.

Technology meets practicality in the most beautiful of forms – Comfortable, durable, fast and stylish: That’s the new Lekker E-Jordaan. The E-Jordaan can be ridden anywhere a conventional bike can, it’s able to carry a load effortlessy and it’s simply so much fun to ride at all times. No hill, headwind or long distance commute will stop you – it’s a true ticket to ultimate freedom.

Jordaan Mens Ebike

The Total Package

The E-Jordaan is designed with function and comfort in mind. We’ve taken the best elements from the Jordaan design and perfected it for the E-Jordaan Bike. We’ve stayed true to the lightweight and rust free aluminium frame. It’s carrying capacity is optimized with a front and rear carrier rack.

Expect only premium components for an optimal cycling experience. Premium hydraulic disc brakes front and rear have been introduced for precision handling on Australian roads. The NuVinci N330 seamless gear shifting hub – in combination with the C8 controller – is added to improve durability, intuitively shifting the riders gear set automatically, providing an effortless ride overall.

We’ve extended it’s durable design with high quality components to ensure the best possible cycling experience. Expect premium LED lights, Shimano Steering lock in combination with a double kickstand for optimal stability on standstill and comfy fat road tyres. The unmistakable and comfortable upright riding position makes every journey feels like a little getaway.

Jordaan Mens Ebike
Lekker Bikes Ebike Series

Front Hub Motor – Powerful, Slim and Silent

The powerful Front Hub Motor – offering 250w / 14.5 AH – will propel you forward efficiently, spicing up your commute. It makes the hills feel flat, and easily gets you up to speed. The Pedal-Assist system, with 5 levels of power-assist, keeps you in full control of the 250w output.

The Tektro Hydraulic Disc brakes offers precision handling and are fitted both front- and rear. An in-built safeguard for the engines 25 kilometre per hour capabilities.

Lekker Bikes Ebike Series
Lekker Bikes Ebike Series

Seamless Gear Shifting – NuVinci N330

The E-Jordaan is fitted with the stellar NuVinci N330 seamless gear shifting hub. The N330 offers a premium cycling experience, operates quietly and offers extreme comfort due to its seamless shifting. The fully sealed and maintenance free hub is durable, perfected in combination with an E-Drive and is made up of self-contained systems. The widely acclaimed NuVinci technology will improve your daily commute to the highest possible standard.


Lekker Bikes Ebike Series
Lekker Bikes Ebike Series

Samsung Battery Reliable & Strong

The reliable and strong Samsung Cell 36v Lithium Battery can take you between 50km to 75km on one single charge. Easily remove the batttery for inside charging. Get a full charge in just 5 hours!

Lekker Bikes Ebike Series

Shimano Headset Lock

Every Jordaan is fitted with the Jordaan Headset lock, an accessory that makes your daily commute so much easier! Since our Jordaan Series is designed for daily use, to carry shoppings, bags and to fit a baby seat to the front or rear the Shimano Headset lock is simply an essential. By one twist you lock the front wheel and handlebar, making it impossible for the bike to fall over, and makes your life easier installing shoppings, your bag or your tiny passengers :). When you’re about to start cycling you simply unlock with one twist and you’re good to go!

But why an E-Bike?

Think no registration, no insurance, no licenses, free parking everywhere, access to quick and amazing bicycle trails, the ability ride on sidewalks in some areas, dedicated lanes, commuter benefits for employers, simply bring and store your bike in the office….well, we could keep on going for hours.

The Lekker E-Jordaan fills in the gap between driving your car and riding your bike, making it an easy and smart decision for an optimal commute and benefit from a car and care free ride around town. It’s a true new way of commuting around Australia’s cities.