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Jordaan Series

A modern take on the classic Dutch Transporter Bicycle, added with comfort, practicalities and striking looks. The Jordaan is based on the typical Dutch Transportation bicycle and stands for our true Dutch Heritage. Ideaal for your daily commute, to head out to the shops or simply to enjoy a weekend cruise along the beach.

Get around town easy, comfortable and in utmost style.

The Jordaan is designed with function and comfort in mind. With it’s lightweight yet robust aluminium frame it’s 100% maintenance free and rust proof. The Jordaan offers a comfortable upright riding position, added with fat tyres, double hand brakes and possibly the most comfortable saddle you ever experienced. The Jordaan will get you around town easy, comfortable and in utmost style.

The Jordaan Series, available in a Mens and Womens edition is the prototypical classic Dutch Retro / Vintage bike with a few modifications to make it perfect for modern commuting. We have stayed true to our Dutch commuting heritage with an comfortable upright riding position and effortlessly cool demeanor.

Gearing Solution

Exceptional quality materials have been fitted to introduce a bike at the top of its class. As cyclists ourselves we believe durability and comfort are the most important aspects of cycling. Therefore we’ve chosen only the best Shimano Internal gear hubs for our Jordaan Collection. The Nexus hub is well protected to grease, dirt and 100% maintenance free. The Shimano Nexus 7 Speed offers a wide gear ratio and is perfectly suited for metro areas and country roads. Enjoy seamless gear shifting with the slight twist of your wrist making your ride appear effortlessly cool.

Carry your goods like the Dutch

When it comes to storage, this bike has it all. The color matching front carrier has been designed to take almost anything you want with you. Simply fit a wooden crate, fancy wicker basket or bungies to use it’s full potential. Get another 25kg carrier capacity with the aluminium rear carrier, with a striking red bungie set included.

Lekker Jordaan Mens

Shimano Headset Lock*

Every Jordaan is fitted with the Jordaan Headset lock, an accessory that makes your daily commute so much easier! Since our Jordaan Series is designed for daily use, to carry shoppings, bags and to fit a baby seat to the front or rear the Shimano Headset lock is simply an essential. By one twist you lock the front wheel and handlebar, making it impossible for the bike to fall over, and makes your life easier installing shoppings, your bag or your tiny passengers :). When you’re about to start cycling you simply unlock with one twist and you’re good to go!

*This add-on is not available in Australia yet. Our current Mens Jordaan Series does not come with the Shimano Headlock. 

Lekker Jordaan Mens

Included – Premium Dutch LED Light Set

We recognizes that lights aren’t optional extra’s, they are a safety must-have. A premium LED light set is included and developed by Dutch manufacturer Spanninga. The design of the bike hasn’t been compromised for this essential modern feature as the lights have been fitted to match in with the vintage style.

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  • Shimano Nexus 3 Speed Silent Clutch
  • Lightweight Aluminium Frame (100% Rust Free)
  • Premium Front & Rear Light
  • Sturdy Front & Rear Rack (Incl. Bungies)