It's time to discover a whole new world

We’re thrilled to finally enter a whole new world to discover to kids from the age of 2. Walking already is a huge new step, can you imagine what your first set of wheels will mean? Who doesn’t remember his very first set of wheels to explore the garden, street and another dimension with?

Made for a new adventure every day

As always, Lekker prioritizes quality design and superior craftsmanship over all else. We want to create the very best, so you can ride the very best. The new Lekker Mini range comes in lightweight aluminium – making for perfect handling by your little ones. A comfortable seat and high-quality grips make every ride as smooth as can be.

Lekker Bikes Kids Mini Balance Bike


The Lekker Mini Balance Bikes are available in 5 different colors, and all in a 12” frame size. The bike suits grommets in the age from 2 to 5, and the minimum seat height is 40cm and goes up to 50cm. Added with a lightweight aluminium handlebar, seat post and wheels the Mini weighs in at a staggering 3,25kgs.

The Lekker Mini Commuter Range comes in a 16” size, suitable for tiny riders in the age of 5-7 years, or between 90cm-130cm. The Mini Commuter is perfected for endless adventures and master the heroic skill of cycling freely! Equipped with a back-pedal brake, a hand brake and a lightweight aluminium frame and parts.

Lekker Bikes Kids Mini Balance Bike

A pop of color

Take a pick from the dazzling color range we’ve outfit our bikes in, or let your little adventurist do the picking. Take your pick from fresh pastel colors or the edgy matt black and shimmering silver. The choice is all yours!



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