Regular service and maintenance

Although we have designed and built your Lekker Bike to stand the test of time, it does need some regular love and care. Be sure to follow the above steps to keep your bike in tip-top condition. We advise you to give your bike some regular care every 2-3 months and bring it to a […]


Tires can soften in as little as a week. Regular pumping of the tyres will ensure the tires last as long as possible and that you will roll with speed. Tires that are low can make it easier to puncture tubes and dent rims if you hit a pothole. Regular pumping is very important.

Lube like a champ

Lubrication of the chain is vital and will ensure the most life out of your gearing system. Be sure not to over lubricate as this will attract grit and dust. Apply a small amount of oil to moving parts and use a rag to dry off excess oil. You can tell a chain needs lube […]

Let’s clean

It is essential to clean your bicycle after messy conditions like mud or rain. Rain will get dirt and grit into the brake pads and other parts of the bike. Be sure to clean and dry your bicycle after these conditions to ensure your components last longer and stay happy.