How often do I need to service my Lekker Bicycle?

Although we have designed and built your Lekker Bike to stand the test of time, it does need some regular love and care. We advise you to give your bike some proper attention every 2-3 months and bring it to a professional bike mechanic once every year. It will significantly improve your comfort, safety and […]

Where can I service my Lekker Bike?

You can service your Lekker bike at any bike dealer or bike shop. We use components which are easy to replace and source, and that all better bike dealers have access to. We’re also always able to provide service through our brand stores or refer you to one of our partners. We’re even happy to […]

Do I need to make an appointment for an inspection?

If you want to come around one of our stores for your first free service, we always advise making an appointment. And just so you know – when you service your Lekker bike with us you’re always welcome to borrow a bike from us while your own bike is getting some well-deserved TLC. Check out […]