Jordaan Bike range.

Comfort. Class. Coooool.

Why Jordaan?

Because it’s a super comfortable ride. Because you can service your bike in any bike shop, worldwide. Because the padded saddle’s better for your butt. Because it’s fun. Because it’s unmistakably Dutch. Actually, just because.

Practical fun

Double kickstand? Easier to park up and show off. Steering lock? Super stable. Front and back racks? Included. And as for the ride – it’s simply fantastic.

Comfort as standard

Utterly effortless. And with a low step-through or step-over frame, padded saddle and upright seating position, completely comfortable.

Classic design, modern twist

A modern take on a Dutch classic. Timeless looks, we’re in it for the long run. 

Decisions, decisions

Jordaan Step Through

Powerful · Comfortable · Stylish
Person biking on Jordaan Conventional Dutch Bike Black

Jordaan Step Over

Comfortable · Powerful · Practical

Maybe Amsterdam’s more your style?

Sleek, stylish, stripped back and smooth. With its diamond frame and belt drive, the Amsterdam bike range is the strong, silent type. Super-smooth and lightweight, it’s an amazing ride – whether you’re cycling through the city or flying even further afield. It’s a big world out there. On your marks, get set, go go go!

Don't just take our word for it

Trustpilot ★★★★★ ∙ Excellent