Amsterdam 8 Speed

The Amsterdam 8 Speed bike is the ideal commuter bike. A lightweight aluminium frame, fork and fenders, durable powder coat finish, Shimano 8 speed internal hub, WTB tyres, Gates CDX carbon belt drive and study kickstand. We bring low maintenance, Dutch style bikes to the international rider.
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The 8 Speed Commuter Bike

A lightweight commuter bike that packs a punch. The Amsterdam 8-Speed is there for all your commuting needs.

A lightweight aluminium frame

Lightweight and maintenance-free, this dutch bike doesn’t need much attention. But it will catch a lot of eyes. Raining? No stress. 100% rustproof, you can cruise your streets whatever the weather.

An 8-Speed Hub

With 8 gears, the Amsterdam is the ideal commuter bike. And with its unique gear change support mechanism, pedalling power is used to make shifting gears feel lighter than a feather.

Carbon Belt Drive Bike

Weather-resistant, flexible, durable and maintenance-free. The perfect (belt) drive really does exist.

Smoothest Ride Around

On any street corner or metropolitan intersection, stay in control with premium hydraulic disc brakes. Come to a complete stop in fractions of a second – smoothly.

WTB Horizon Tires

Cruise beyond where the pavement ends with WTB’s high volume 650b tires. Their all-weather herringbone pattern and parallel grooves mean you’ll maintain traction even on those rougher terrains.

Powder Coat Finish

Stay sleek with the LEKKER Amsterdam 8-speed’s powder finish. Twice as thick as liquid paint and heat cured to protect against any scratches. Our Dutch style bikes are designed to look fresh, wherever your ride takes you.

  • General

    Aluminium 6061 Smooth Welded Diamond frame
    Aluminium 650B Tapered fork, integrated cable routing

  • Drivetrain

    GATES CDX 118T
    Front sprocket
    GATES 55T 5 arm
    Rear sprocket
    GATES 22T 

  • Gearing

    Gear hub
    Shimano Nexus Internal geared hub, 3 speed / 8 speed 32H
    Shimano Revoshift with clickbox

  • Crankset

    Bottom Bracket
    NECO B920AL Square taper. 122,5mm * 68mm
    GATES CDX S250 175mm
    WELLGO VP565

  • Brakes

    Lever & caliper
    TEKTRO HD-M285
    TEKTRO 160mm

  • Wheels

    Front rim
    Aluminium 36H, double walled
    Rear rim
    Aluminium 32H, double walled
    WTB Horizon 650B x 47 Black

  • Cockpit

    25mm riser. Width 660mm, 31.8mm*22.2mm
    VELO VLG-649
    ZDS 110mm

  • Seat


  • Accessories

    Experience box
    Includes toolset, reflectors and bell

  • 19.7" Frame
  • 22.1'' Frame
  • 23.6'' Frame
    • Height Range 5'1" to 5'8"
    • 1 Seat Tube 19.7"
    • 2 Top Tube 21.5"
    • 3 Head Tube 5.1"
    • 4 Wheel Base 41.4"
    • 5 Stand Over Height 30.7"
    • Bike Weight 28.5 lbs
    • Maximum load 220 lbs
    • Minimum Inseam 31.7"
    • Height Range 5'4'' to 5'9''
    • 1 Seat Tube 22''
    • 2 Top Tube 22.5''
    • 3 Head Tube 6''
    • 4 Wheel Base 41.5''
    • 5 Stand Over Height 32.5''
    • Bike Weight 28.5 lbs
    • Maximum load 220 lbs
    • Minimum Inseam 33.5''
    • Height Range 5'9'' to 6'7''
    • 1 Seat Tube 23.5''
    • 2 Top Tube 23''
    • 3 Head Tube 7.5''
    • 4 Wheel Base 41.5''
    • 5 Stand Over Height 34.4''
    • Bike Weight 28.5 lbs
    • Maximum load 220 lbs
    • Minimum Inseam 35.4''


What are the advantages of the 8 Speed hub?

The 8-speed Shimano Nexus hub is a very tough and reliable hub. It is suited for rides in a variety of landscapes. It is one of the best hubs available in the market!

We use internal hubs, meaning no matter the gearing system, a bullet-proof bike is guaranteed! With the internal hub system, you are able to shift while not pedalling, making your ride much easier. It also provides less need for maintenance due to the protection of the internal gear hub.

How does the Gates Belt Drive work?

The Gates Belt Drive is a standard upgrade that greatly reduces the maintenance on your bike as there is no need to oil or grease the belt. It’s created with stretch-free carbon fibre tensile cords and operates in virtual silence. As it is made with carbon blend and not metal, it won’t rust and lasts much longer than chain drives. It’s weather-resistant, flexible and durable. The Gates Belt Drive system requires no lubrication, which means that you don’t need to get your hands dirty and oily to clean it. It is also a practical feature that reduces the weight in your bike, and the noise whilst you are riding – Yes, the belt drive system is silent and lighter than the conventional chain drive, making your rides as smooth as possible!

How do the hydraulic disc brakes work in the Amsterdam 8 Speed?

The Hydraulic Disc Brakes operate with the help of fluid, which means that there are no cables involved. The Amsterdam comes fitted with the Dutch manufacturer Elvedes Disk Brakes, making your rides more efficient and smooth. With the Hydraulic Disc Brakes, you don’t need to lever hard to create a more sensitive response, as a simple push is more than enough to feel its stopping power both in dry and wet conditions. They don’t require maintenance as they don’t have complicated wiring in their inner system, making them lightweight and increasing the performance in your rides.

What makes the Amsterdam a lightweight and durable bike?

We designed the Amsterdam Series with durability as a focus. It’s not only light but also rust-free. We make use of a 100% aluminum frame and fork, making its design minimalistic yet sturdy. All other components are high-end, optimised for daily commuting. There are no shortcuts – it’s about power and efficiency. As its name implies, this series is designed in Amsterdam, but with the coastal areas of Australia in mind. It’s reliable, easy to ride and a strong commuter. The standard-fitted Gates Belt Drive gives you another level of maintenance freeness, increases durability and makes your ride smoother, lighter and quieter.

Does the Amsterdam Series fit a child seat?

You can install a child seat onto the Amsterdam Series. You will need a rear carrier rack to mount the seat or for a comfier ride, choose the Bobike 1P Arm Mount Bracket as found on the accessories page.