Jordaan Step-Through 3 Speed

Our modern take on the classic Dutch bicycle: The Jordaan 3-speed series. Perfected for the everyday. Shop during Black Friday with $400 off.
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A Dutch Step-Through Bicycle

The Jordaan Series, available in a step-through and a step-over model, is the prototypical classic Dutch vintage bike with a few modifications to make it perfect for modern commuting.

Designed with function and comfort, its lightweight yet robust aluminum frame is rustproof and maintenance-free. Add on some thick tires, double-hand brakes, and possibly the most comfortable saddle you’ve ever experienced. The Jordaan will get you around with ease and style.

Lightweight, Aluminium Frame

A Dutch bike that’s in it for the long haul. Its aluminium frame is lightweight and maintenance-free. Raining? No stress. 100% rustproof, you can cruise your streets whatever the weather.

The Ultimate Commuter Bike

Stay in control on any street corner, or metropolitan intersection with premium hydraulic disc brakes. Top speed to a complete stop in just fractions of a second – smooth as you like.

We’ve Got You Covered

With three gears, this Dutch bike is simple yet effective. Its unique gear change support mechanism uses pedaling power to make shifting gears feel as light as a feather.

Smoothest Ride Around

Find out what it feels like to ride atop clouds, with the widely-acclaimed CST Zeppelin 700 – as smooth as they come.

Safety Meets Practicality

Let the light lead the way with this LEKKER bike’s premium LED light. Racking and stacking up? You can say goodbye to swinging handlebars and tipping bikes with its double kickstand and headset lock.

Designed For Use

No matter how careful you are, those hard city surfaces will come in contact with your bike eventually. Our powder coat finish is twice as thick as liquid paint and heat cured for increased durability. Avoid those scratches and look great at the same time.

  • General

    Aluminium 6061 Smooth Welded frame
    Aluminium 700C front fork

  • Drivetrain

    KMC 102L
    ProWheel 38T
    Rear sprocket
    Shimano 20T

  • Gearing

    Gear hub
    Shimano Nexus Internal geared hub, 3 speed 32H
    Shimano Revoshift with clickbox

  • Crankset

    Bottom Bracket
    NECO B920AL Square taper. 122,5mm * 68mm
    ProWheel 170mm
    WELLGO VP628

  • Brakes

    Lever & caliper
    ELVEDES HP4000 Hydraulic brakes
    Front Rotor
    ELVEDES 160mm
    Rear Rotor
    Shimano 160mm

  • Wheels

    Front rim
    Aluminium 36H, double walled
    Rear rim
    Aluminium 32H, double walled
    CST Zeppelin 28” x 1.75”

  • Cockpit

    Black coated, Width 620mm, 25,4mm*22.2mm
    VELO VLG-649
    Black coated, Quill type
    Rotation Lock XRS100

  • Lights

    Front light
    Rear light

  • Seat


  • Accessories

    Experience box
    Includes toolset, reflectors and bell

  • 17.7" Frame
    • Height Range 5'2 to 6'4"
    • 1 Seat Tube 17.7"
    • 2 Top Tube 24.4"
    • 3 Head Tube 8.7"
    • 4 Wheel Base 45.5"
    • Wheel Size 27.5"
    • Bike Weight 33 lbs
    • Maximum load 220 lbs


The Shimano 3 Speed is the ideal commuter hub: why?

As Dutch bicycle enthusiasts, we love an internal gear hub, especially the lightweight, sturdy and versatile Shimano 3 Speed silent clutch version. The 3 Speed is an efficient gear hub that helps you accelerate, keep momentum during cycling and has a ratio that suits almost any city around the globe. The ratio is broad, and due to its lightweight, it makes it easier to cruise in any terrain – it’s perfectly suited for metro areas and country roads. The compact and reliable Nexus hub is well protected from grease and dirt, which makes it incredibly durable and 100% maintenance-free. We use integrated hubs for all of our bike ranges. This means that you will enjoy seamless gear shifting making your rides smooth yet powerful. We use the silent clutch version.

How do the hydraulic disc brakes work in the Jordaan step through?

The Hydraulic Disc Brakes operate with the help of fluid, which means that there are no cables involved. The Jordaan Series comes fitted with the Dutch manufacturer Elvedes Disk Brakes, making your rides more efficient and smooth. With the Hydraulic Disc Brakes, you don’t need to lever hard to create a more sensitive response, as a simple push is more than enough to feel its stopping power both in dry and wet conditions. They don’t require maintenance as they don’t have complicated wiring in their inner system, making them lightweight and increasing the performance in your rides.

Why is such a complete bike so light?

The Jordaan Series is made of 100% aluminum, no shortcuts! All of its components and parts – frame, fork, fenders – are made of aluminum. This means that it is not only rust-free but also super light. This feature adds massively to a great user experience and increases the durability of the Jordaan, especially in the more salty coastal towns. Our bikes are made to last, and since we also sell products in Amsterdam, they simply need to be able to stand the test of time. The Jordaan is designed with function and comfort in mind: it’s a modern take on the classic Dutch Retro / Vintage bicycle!

So, what is the steering lock?

The steering lock replaces upper head headset components to provide a fork locking function that stabilizes a parked bicycle. In other words, it is a feature designed to keep the front end of the bike stable when stationary, so the wheel and handlebar don’t swing around when parked! It’s a great solution for when you are loading up the front rack and basket with your groceries, bags and shopping and for when you are fitting a baby seat to the front or the rear. The Jordaan is designed for daily use, that’s why the steering lock is a crucial part of it – it’s an unmissable component for a typical Dutch Bike, as it helps to make the bike much more practical and easy to use!

Does the Jordaan Series come with front and rear light?

Yes! Both the LED front and rear light are standard fitted to the bike. The kickstand and a bell are included too, so no extra costs or purchases – we have you covered! We use the premium, Dutch manufacturer Spanninga and our lights run on batteries. Please note that this modern feature has been fitted to match in with the vintage style of the Jordaan, so the design of the bike remains the same – you’ll catch the attention even in the dark!

Does the Jordaan come standard with a front and rear rack?

Only the rear rack comes standard fitted to the Jordaan bike series. Check our accessories to find an optional lightweight front rack to complete your bike.
The rear rack is 100% aluminum, giving the Jordaan a lightweight and premium attribute. We thought about every detail for a daily commuting cruiser, so we also included a striking red Bungie set – time to carry your shopping, bags, groceries whilst enjoying the ride! For the front rack, we use the ultimate Lekker Dutch Alloy rack, with a maximum capacity of 22 lb. Similarly, for the rear rack, we use the Lekker Alloy, but with a maximum capacity of 55 lb.

Does the Jordaan Series fit a child seat (front and rear)?

Yes, the Jordaan Series fits a child seat on both sides, front and rear. Like the Dutch way, the child seat can be fitted in the front handlebar – the bike comes with a wider wheelbase, so it can be used more as a functional bike, based on how it’s been used in Amsterdam. This feature makes it easier to fit shopping, or in this case, fit a child seat on the front, whilst cycling in good balance.